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UuuUnununium (element 111)
UuuUniface Underground (hacker site)
UuuUnknown Unix User
UuuUniversity Unions United (umbrealla organization of college trade unions)
UuuUgueth Urtain Urbina (baseball player)
UuuUniversity Unitarian Universalist
UuuUniverse and Universe's Universal Space Travel (Steven Universe TV show)
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At the time of soil sampling, RUR, RUU and UUU fields had been under that cropping system for 5 years.
One particular tRNA, [tRNA.sup.Lys](UUU), was further purified with reciprocal circulating chromatography, as described previously (4, 11).
EPA currently is "interpreting" metalcasting facilities are subject to Subpart UUU because they operate sand reclamation units to reuse sand in the metalcasting process that meet the broad Subpart UUU "definition of calciners and dryers" that "process industrial sand." In some situations, a metalcaster now may be forced to spend more than $80,000 for a continuous monitoring system, and an additional $10,000 annually for servicing the equipment on a regulation that was never intended to apply to metalcasting.
The news is positive, somewhat easing relatively disappointing 1H12 financial results recently posted by UUU. The markets reacted positively to the news as UUU up 7% yesterday.
aeU[cedilla]aaaeU[umlaut] - UuU aaaaU[logical not] aaUnUUU[umlaut] U*aaaaaeU*aeaeU aeU*aaaaaeU*U[acute accent]auU*U[logical not] U*aaaaU aaU*aaaeU[umlaut] U aa U1/4acaeU aaU[sup.3]U*UaeU U*aaaaaeU*U[acute accent]auU*U[logical not] U*aaaeaeU*UaeU[umlaut] U*aaaaU aaU*aaaeU[umlaut] U*aaaeU*UU[macron]U[umlaut] UuU[macron]aaU*ac aeU*aaaaU[logical not]U aaaeU[umlaut] U aeU[cedilla]U*U ae U*aaaaauUaeU[sup.3]U*U[logical not] aeU*aaU[logical not]U[macron]auU*U[umlaut] aeU*aaU[logical not]acaeU*U[umlaut] aeU[logical not]aaaeaeau U*aaacaeU*Ui.
UuU U*Uaa aaaaU1/4aaaeU auae U[macron]aeaaU[umlaut] aeU[cedilla]U aaaeU*U[cedilla]aaaeaa aeaaaeaeaaaeaa U aeU[macron] U*aaUuU[micro]U[degrees]ae U*aaaaU U*Uaa UU*U*aaU* U*aaaaac U*aaaeU aeaa aeaaaeU[cedilla]aaaaU* U*aaU[bar]U*aaae U*aaaaUaeU[macron] aaaa U*aaUauU U[umlaut] aeU*aaU[logical not]aeU[macron]aa.
EPA Region V--Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio alai Wisconsin--recently cited several facilities for violations of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart UUU. In the second half of 2010, two metalcasters in Wisconsin were cited for failing to notify EPA about thermal sand reclaimers installed in the 1990s and the applicability of Subpart UUU.
(UUU) reported revenue of USD$96.8 million for Q2 2012 based on sales of 1.9 million pounds at an average realized sales price of USD$52 per pound.
It consists either of the aeolic pattern | UUU U- - U | - U U - in which four variable syllables precede the choriambic nucleus (- U U -) and create what is called choriambic dimeter, or the same pattern lacking the final syllable (catalectic).
aaUU[logical not]aeU[cedilla]aaU*aa UuU U[macron]aaU* auaaUU[cedilla]aeaaaeaiU* aeU*aaU*U[degrees]U[logical not]aaU*aa U[macron]auaa U*aaU[degrees]aeaeaeU[umlaut]