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UUXUnix to Unix Execute
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A technology and digital media executive with over two decades of experience, Schwartz was involved in strategy, marketing, product development, finance and operations management, was a key pioneer in the development of Internet video management and delivery and the emerging OTT multi-screen TV market having served in executive level positions at UUX, Piksel and Multicast.
Let [[mu].sup.u][T.sub.[alpha]] be a maximal fuzzy extension of [mu] then [[mu].sup.T.sub.[alpha]](x) = 1 for all x [member of] X, that is [mu](uux) = sup {[mu](y)|y [member of] X} for every x [member of] X.
forward () { int i, double dui = 0; for (i=1; i<n;i++) { uux = (u[i+1]*u[i+1]-u[i-1]*u[i-1])/dx/4; uxx = (u[i+1]-2*u[i]+u[i-1])/dx/dx; u[i-1]+=dui; dui = dt*(z[i]*u[i] - uux + nu*uxx); } u[n-1] += dui; } forwardrec () { for(int i=0;i<n;i++) rec[i] = u[i]; forward(); } reverse () { int i; double bui=0; for (i=1; i<n; i++) { bz[i] += dt*bu[i]*rec[i]; uux = rec[i]*(bu[i+1]-bu[i-1])/dx/2; uxx = (bu[i+1]-2*bu[i]+bu[i-1])/dx/dx; bu[i-1] += bui; bui = dt*(z[i]*bu[i] + uux + nu*uxx); } bu[n-1] += bui; } The update for the adjoints bz[i] [approximately equals] z([x.sub.i]) in reverse were derived directly from the discrete forward routine.