UvDUnified Video Decoder
UvDUniversal Video Decoder
UvDUnteroffizier Vom Dienst (German: NCO of the Watch)
UvDUnilateral Vestibular Deafferentation
UvDUnder Voltage Device
UvDUltraGet Video Downloader (software driver)
UvDUnilateral Vestibular Dysfunction
UvDUnintegrated Viral DNA
UvDUtah Valley Dust
UvDUnpleasantness Verbal Descriptor
UvDUnrelated Volunteer Donors (bone marrow transplant)
UvDUltrasonic Valve Debridement
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A strong, positive and linear correlation was found between hydroxyproline values obtained from UVD and ECD methods (p<0.01, r=+0.98).
(2) UVD. The UV decomposition model: map both users and items to a joint latent factor space of dimensionality f.
litura was preceded by the release of sperm bundles from the testes into the paired upper vasa deferentia (UVD), followed by their transfer to the seminal vesicles (SV), with subsequent transfer to the duplex, which served as a reservoir for sperm.
As analises de identificacao e quantificacao foram realizadas por Cromatografia Liquida de Alta Eficiencia (CLAE), com cromatografo Dionex, acoplado com detector UV-Vis (UVD 170U).
New products include FOAM BLAST[R] UVD, FOAM BLAST[R] 4149, FOAM BLAST[R] 4213.
The "Trinity" APU, which will be based on the "Bulldozer" x86 core with support for UVD and DirectX 11, is expected to consume less than half the power of today's lowest power AMD A-Series APU, with software drivers optimised for Windows 8.
They will both also offer an integrated graphics core that's DX11 capable and has the UVD 3.0 video engine, and single-channel PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333MHz) memory controller.
All weight measurements were determined to the nearest 0.1 g using an electronic balance (UVD 500, A & D, Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea).
Chromatography (HPLC), (DIONEX Pump, P.580, UVD 170S (USA) with Column C18 from Merck Company.