UvTUniversiteit van Tilburg (Netherlands)
UvTUnder Voltage Trip (circuit)
UvTUniversité Virtuelle de Tunis (French: Virtual University of Tunis; Tunisia)
UvTWest University of Timisoara (Timis, Romania)
UvTUniversal Venturi Tube
UvTUnidad de Valor Tributario (Tax Value Unit; Colombia)
UvTUniversitatea Valahia Targoviste (Romanian: Walachia University Targoviste; Targoviste, Romania)
UvTUser Verification Test
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This decree aims to set the missions of the UVT, its administrative and financial organisation as well as its operating rules following this change of status and in accordance with the provisions of Decree 2542 of December 21, 2015 on the change of the status of universities.
- Filters out 99.99% of 380-400 nm UVt MAX emitted by the screens of mobile and computer devices.
uvT (r, f) [less than or equal to] T (r, [Q.sub.1] (z, f)) + S (r, f).
0 = 2(F(u)G(vt) - uvt) = 2(F(u)G(v) - uv)t + 2F(u)v[delta](t) = 2F(u)v[delta](t).
Infiltration rate place Infiltration rate CMH ACH 2F-Director Room 215.9 2.34 1F-Windbreak Room 37.3 3.38 1F-Warehouse 69.4 2.79 The infiltration rate was measured for the entrances and representative spaces using the Blow Door in accordance Item Type Layer (mm) Transmittance SHGC UVT (%) VT (%) IRT (%) Double G1 5+6Air+5 18 64 19 0.37 glazing G1+film G2 5+6Air+5+film 0 10 18 0.21 with the Pressurization/Depressurization Method [KS L ISO 9972] (Table 7).
Infiltration rate Item Type Layer UVT (%) Transmittance IRT (%) SHGC (mm) VT (%) Double G1 5+6Air+5 18 64 19 0.37 glazing G1+film G2 5+6Air+5+film 0 10 18 0.21 Table 8.