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VFVV for Vendetta (comic book vertigo)
VFVVeteranen Fahrzeug Verband (German: Vintage Vehicle Association; Wiesbaden, Germany)
VFVVorarlberger Fußballverband (German: Austrian soccer club)
VFVVoies Ferrées du Velay (French: Velay Railways; France)
VFVVariable Fuel Vehicle
VFVVacations for Veterans, LLC (Washington, DC)
VFVVolunteer for the Visayans (Philippines)
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Finch is speaking about 'V,' the mysterious protagonist of the 1981 comic book V for Vendetta. Through the entire book, V's face remains hidden behind a Guy Fawkes mask.
The movement has always been top-heavy with geeks, and Moore is the rare figure willing to pay a steep price for personal and artistic freedom, walking away from a lucrative contract with DC Comics and refusing to take any credit for of money from this year's V for Vendetta movie.
Overlong and badly paced, V For Vendetta fails to draw blood in its depiction of a rapacious and uncaring British political system.
Prepare to be blown away when V For Vendetta explodes onto DVD from Warner Home Video on Monday.
V for Vendetta represents a dystopian version of Hollywood
This scene, comments libertarian reviewer Steve Persall, "is so revolutionary that I wondered how this movie ever got made, much less distributed by a major studio." Actually, this is very easy to understand once one appreciates that the insurrectionary version of cultural Marxism preached in V for Vendetta is kindred to the less militant version generally on offer from Hollywood, which focuses on the task of subverting faith, the family, and conventional morality, rather than unabashedly advocating the destruction of constitutional government.
Visit Advocate.com for coverage of the Berlin Film Festival, featuring V for Vendetta, Teddy Award-winner The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, and more.
Whether you see V for Vendetta as a satire, action thriller, prescient sci-fi, offbeat romance or po-faced polemic the fact is that the sum of its parts is much less than the promised whole.
The Hollywood version of V For Vendetta is released next week.
Natalie Portman as Evey with Hugo Weaving as V in V For Vendetta, a film based on the graphic comics of Alan Moore
V For Vendetta - based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd - has a terrorist for its hero.