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V-1Vergeltungswaffe 1 (German flying bomb used in WWII)
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But the V-1 was not the only hydrogen peroxide-powered flying machine the Germans had in their arsenal.
2% talc is added, dripping is reduced sufficiently to lower the UL Standard 94 rating from V-2 to V-1 dripping.
This acquisition enhances our recently acquired V-1 operations in the northwest area of the country," stated Bradley K.
At the time of the acquisition, V-1 was one of the largest privately held propane marketers in the northwest, delivering approximately 30 million retail gallons of propane to over 40,000 customers annually.
Bennion started the company that would eventually be known as V-1 in 1939 and entered the propane business in 1959 when he became interested in propane as a motor fuel.
The Amoco V-1 system combines the environmental benefits of a vapor recovery nozzle with the easy operation of conventional nozzles," said Charles S.
83,400,000 senior subseries V-1 'AAA'; -- $83,300,000 senior subseries V-2 'AAA'; -- $83,300,000 senior subseries V-3 'AAA'; -- $50,000,000 senior subseries V-4 'AAA'.
9 million housing revenue bonds, 2000 series V-1, and $1.
The Amoco V-1 system returns gasoline vapors from a car's fill pipe to the service station storage tank, preventing the vapors from escaping into the atmosphere.