V-CVertex-Contralateral Derivations (communication disorders)
V-CVisual Consensus Method (quantitation of spinal fractures)
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CLOT.TING has the palindromic V-C pattern CCvC.CvCC
COPEN.HAGEN has both a palindromic and tautonymic V-C pattern CvCvC.CvCvC
The word OVERT.AKING has a tautonymic V-C pattern (vCvCC.vCvCC), but it is not admitted.
"The V-C should convene an urgent meeting now so that the assignments for teachers, their timely appointment and the timetable preparation can be done," said Narain.
"We are happy that the V-C finally abided by the UGC guidelines and agreed to go back to the previous structure.
The V-C has appointed a committee of principals to monitor admission-related issues so the process is completed in shortest possible time.
that he has resigned as the V-C. The announcement was later retracted.
Although all of these officials came out and said that the V-C has not resigned, interestingly the V-C himself has not tried to clear the air.
"Since DU is an autonomous institution I have put forth my personal appeal to the V-C to reinstate the officials," Irani had posted on Twitter.
'Since DU is an autonomous institution, I have put forth my personal appeal to the V-C to reinstate the officials'
The V-C cautioned against laying the blame entirely on the security apparatus in South Campus.
"I do not condone what happened, but it's not possible to provide a personal bodyguard to each and every student," the V-C said.