V-PVentilation-Perfusion Scan (physiology)
V-PVolume-Pressure Curve (physiology)
V-Pvagotomy and pyloroplasty
V-PVincristine and Prednisolone (leukemia therapy)
V-PVerapamil-Placebo Combination (chemical abuse research)
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Our customer have come to rely on Targa to keep them up to date with rugged data storage solutions," commented David Saunders, Targa's V-P Engineering and Program Management.
in various roles with his last position as V-P Treasurer, San Francisco; he worked as V-P Finance and Executive Vice President of Pegasus Gold Inc.
For further information please contact Jeffrey Stanger, V-P at 416/304-1413.
This is a million dollar contract for VisionShape's scanners," said Dan Borrey, V-P of Sales and Marketing at VisionShape, Inc.
VisionShape scanners are easily identified for what they are, the workhorse scanners," said Dan Borrey, V-P Sales & Marketing at VisionShape.