V-PVentilation-Perfusion Scan (physiology)
V-PVolume-Pressure Curve (physiology)
V-Pvagotomy and pyloroplasty
V-PVincristine and Prednisolone (leukemia therapy)
V-PVerapamil-Placebo Combination (chemical abuse research)
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Results: Of the 1021 patients who underwent V-P shunting, 19.
However, incidence of shunt infection secondary to V-P shunting is a serious problem with an infection rate ranging from 0.
We retrospectively analyzed HCP patients with inserted V-P shunt at our institution between June 2002 and January 2017.
To avoid V-P shunt infections, a strictly aseptic operation was performed.
A total of 1021 patients who underwent V-P shunting were retrospectively analyzed to study the relationship between shunt infection and HCP etiology.
Our previous study15 indicated that the simultaneous repair of myelomeningocele and V-P shunt placement (in infant with HCP at birth) was associated with an increased rate (33.
Our customer have come to rely on Targa to keep them up to date with rugged data storage solutions," commented David Saunders, Targa's V-P Engineering and Program Management.
In the last ten years, Fred has been V-P and CEO of Rea Gold Corp.
Jim Johnstone V-P Operations and COO Canada TEL: (1-905) 829-4848 FAX: (1-905) 829-4238