V-PVentilation-Perfusion Scan (physiology)
V-PVolume-Pressure Curve (physiology)
V-Pvagotomy and pyloroplasty
V-PVincristine and Prednisolone (leukemia therapy)
V-PVerapamil-Placebo Combination (chemical abuse research)
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Results: Of the 1021 patients who underwent V-P shunting, 19.32% exhibited shunt infection.
Ventriculo-peritoneal (V-P) shunting is one of the most frequently performed procedures in neurosurgery.
Mold filling time of 0.093 s (defined as the time required for the injection plunger to reach the V-P switch position at the set injection speed) was constant for all experiments, corroborating that the pressure limit is not reached before the V-P switch.
Recorded V-P switch pressures resulted in an average decrease of 12 MPa for molded parts from graphene coated quartz inserts under the same processing conditions as regular quartz inserts (Table 3).
Earlier, Monaco was v-p, director, digital business development at Random House.
Tim McCall, v-p, director of online sales and marketing, Penguin Group, will be leaving PRH with the formation of the new team.
In the period of January 2001-December 2011, the ETV was performed in 42 patients with obstructive hydrocephalus, all with previous V-P drainage implantation.
Of the 42 pediatric patients, we were successful in 29 children in whom the V-P drainage was removed with no need of further V-P drainage introduction or any other surgery for hydrocephalus 1 year from ETV, and thus the overall success rate was 69%.
In mechanically ventilated patients, the V-P curves of the respiratory system are very useful because their computation can help the clinician to set the appropriate PEEP and Vt on the ventilator in patients with ARDS.
The linear part of the V-P curve is the part with maximal compliance of the respiratory system.
David Spragg, v-p of semiconductor engineering for Arrow s Europe, Middle East and Africa region stated: Engineers are now able to accelerate an otherwise time-consuming process for designing and configuring power supply systems.
The Office of Research Planning and Development at the Qatar University (QU) Office of the Vice-President (V-P) for Research and Graduate Studies recently held the Animal Ethics Awareness Day in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).