V-RGVaccinia-Rabies Glycoprotein
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ORV wildlife programs with RABORAL V-RG have contributed to the elimination of the coyote rabies variant from southern Texas since 2004[sup.
Raboral V-RG baits are distributed by fixed-wing aircraft in rural areas or hand-baiting in urban areas.
We report our experience monitoring pet and human exposure to V-RG as part of a multiagency federal-state cooperative program that distributed 1,710,399 V-RG-laden baits from August 11, 2003, to September 17, 2003, over 25,189 [km.
The V-RG vaccine is currently being field-tested on coyotes in the American Southwest and on red foxes in Canada.
Subsequent to the Sullivan County field-trial, other institutions have conducted additional field-trials of the V-RG vaccine in the northeastern states.