V-SpecVictory Specification (Nissan)
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Rolls-Royce, a subsidiary of BMW AG (Xetra: BWM0, is reportedly developing a sportier derivative of the Wraith coupe, the Wraith V-Spec
Auto Business News-January 6, 2014--Rolls-Royce reveals details of Ghost V-Spec
The German unit of Rolls-Royce, a subsidiary of BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), has revealed details of the performance-focused variant of the Ghost, which is known as V-Spec.
It features a panoramic sunroof, massaging seats upholstered in silver leather with contrasting black stitching, a bespoke clock, V-Spec running boards, piano black trim on the dashboard and the door panels, a 360-degree camera and a V-Spec logo proudly embroidered into the rear armrest
today announced the addition of v-SPEC (Versatile, Spectrometer & Protocol Engineered Coils) to its MSK Extreme dedicated MRI device, giving the industry its first six-coil, high-field dedicated musculoskeletal magnet.
Unlike most MRI systems that use a small number of coils for MSK applications the high-field MSK Extreme with v-SPEC uses a set of 6 specialized removable transmit/receive coils to optimize system performance for peripheral scans.
Only the MSK Extreme with v-SPEC uses these proprietary coils to deliver the highest resolution in the shortest scan time for enhanced patient outcomes.
The MSK Extreme with v-SPEC provides the power of a whole-body MRI magnet (1.
The MSK Extreme with v-SPEC gives us the extraordinary image detail we need in a system that is designed to optimize patient comfort.