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V2VVirtual to Virtual (operating system migration)
V2VVehicle-To-Vehicle (communication)
V2VVendor to Vendor
V2VVienna to Venice
V2VVerilog to VHDL (VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits) Hardware Description Language; command line tools)
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At the end of this section, we present a conceptual framework that leverages the proposed randomized mechanism for dynamic information-sharing in V2V communications.
What technology like V2V can contribute to in India are logging road conditions and feeding them within connected cars, which can contribute to traffic, driving styles, car maintenance and more.
Because of the limitations of credit-based schemes [7-9], including lack of scalability, centralization, and the need for tamperproof hardware, which means that they are not suitable for use in V2V networks, we concentrate on reputation-based schemes.
One of the biggest hacking vulnerabilities will be through the same V2V communications systems that some in Congress want to mandate.
The V2V communication approach is mostly suited for short-range vehicular communications.
Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports V2V communication uses onboard dedicated short-range radio communication devices to transmit messages about a vehicle's speed, heading, brake status and other information to other vehicles with range and "line-of-sight" capabilities that exceed the range of currently used cameras and sensors.
925 GHz) available on the market, providing a single solution that supports the expansion of the Wi-Fi spectrum as well as V2V deployments.
SM]" brand to the current usage of V2V, V2I (for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure), or V2X (for Vehicle-to-a catch-all category that includes various wireless devices).
Commonly, the Cartesian co-ordinate based distance calculation method that uses the X & Y coordinates of a vehicle position is used in V2V communication.
The US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have just unveiled a plan that would make it mandatory for manufacturers to deploy V2V and V2I devices in all vehicles in a few years.
The information comes from a police car, by V2V communication.
Honda tests V2V communication tech talking to traffic lights Honda is working on a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that will connect with traffic lights, possibly improving traffic flow by warning of upcoming red lights and providing other information.