V4AVoice for Animals (Canadian animal rights organization)
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Within its V4A stainless steel cell, it can measure under various gas atmospheres, including air, [0.sub.2], [N.sub.2], Ar, He, [H.sub.2], C[O.sub.2], and C[H.sub.4].
For a sample of the letters requesting "vision" statements, see Kissinger to Jacob Potofsky, January 10, 1957, RBF Special Studies Project, RG V4A, Box 1, Folder 11, RAC.
Copies are available free of charge from the Canadian Association of School Administrators, 1133-106A St., White Rock, BC V4A 7G9.
It was a rotor body made of V4A vanadium steel, requiring a 0.3937"-dia center hole.
1 100 m from the riser shafts, The pipes are made of v4a dn 25 - dn 15 on the storey ceilings or in the existing building in the baseboard led to the radiators, Cable length approx.
The housing for the SC version is made from V4A steel and so complies with all food industry requirements.
840 m earthing line v4a and nyy 1 x 16 mm 2 partially above the earth in the building, Approx.
Couple this with a high-grade stainless steel V4A (316L) sensor housing, an IP69K rating and suitability for application in elevated temperatures and it opens a whole range of applications in 'clean environments'.
1) signs, System acrylic aluminum frame: Doorplates a5 (about 360 pcs.) doorplates a5 with braille embossing (about 25 pcs.) doorplates a4 (about 73 pcs.) signs a3 for escape route plans (about 182 st.) flag signs 15/30 cm (10 pcs.) labeling software 2) adhesive films: Screen protector large format (about 25 m 2 ) continuous protection in strips (about 445 m) inscriptions on doors and walls (about 220 pieces) acrylic letters (about 10 pcs.) 3) glass panels colored on the back side (2 pcs.); 4) showcases, Acrylic aluminum frame (about 16 pcs); 5) lightbox facade, About 12,78 / 1,44 m (1 p.); 6) scripts on facades, V4a (about 150 letters).
All parts coming into contact with the product are in V2A steel, or on request in V4A, and can be flushed with commercially purchasable cleaning agents.
Zimmerman, 1978 134A Street, South Surrey, BC., Canada, V4A 6B6, E-mail: zimmerma@direct.ca.