VAACVolcanic Ash Advisory Center
VAACValle Arriba Athletic Club (Venezuela)
VAACVolvo Ambient Air Cleaner (Volvo vehicles)
VAACVeterans Affairs Advisory Committee (Washington)
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Flight Control (active control technology research)
VAACViral Antigen-Antibody Complex
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Over 200,000 flights have operated in European airspace identified by the VAAC as having the potential presence of ash.
VAAC, suggest the new method works well for any ash plume in daylight and for those plumes moving over large bodies of water at night.
The technology is called VAAC, Volvo Ambient Air Cleaner.
The basis of VAAC is a container installed in the engine compartment, into which two filters are placed.
In order to increase the VAAC system's efficiency, the Versatility Concept Car is equipped with a sensor that monitors when the ambient air has reached a given level of pollution.
The VAAC system can operate continuously for two days during normal urban conditions before the filters are filled and despatches their contents to the engine.
In addition to their work with the MOH VAAC researching and defining a mobile healthcare clinic concept, the mobile healthcare unit designed to provide a simple, low-cost method to access at-risk individuals in their communities, MOTIVATE has also worked with the AIDS Committee Ho Chi Minh City to address HIV/AIDS issues in Ho Chi Minh City.
The VAAC Harrier is a two-seat T-4 trainer fitted out with a fully digital flight control system for advanced STOVL control research.
The VAAC was modified for this test to provide the functionality of Lockheed Martin's JSF STOVL aircraft.
MOTIVATE and the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) setting up the fundamental principles for the collaboration between VAAC and MOTIVATE in their effort to implement integrated HIV/AIDS program/projects focused on prevention, treatment and care.
Through their global partnership, Ramsell and Sojitz moved forward jointly creating a new entity, MOTIVATE (Mobile health Treatment Initiative for Vietnam Awareness, Technology and Education), to facilitate the mobile healthcare clinic concept project by assisting VAAC with an initial pilot program.
The VAAC is composed of 17 members and advises the governor and the director of the Department of Veterans Affairs on issues and programs concerning veterans.