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VAADValsts Augu Aizsardzibas Dienests
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In early 2004, Vaad Hakiryah advocated still another annexation of land bordering Kiryas Joel, (111) but obtaining required support in the Town of Monroe was unlikely.
This influence is primarily wielded by the Vaad, a committee of unelected Orthodox community officials that liaise with local government.
Kosher supervision is provided by the Vaad Harabanim (Rabbinical Council) of Washington.
The Vaad (Jewish Council of Four Lands) was the only very restrictive censorship office for Jewish books.
at 27 (quoting David Ben-Gurion, Address to the Vaad Leumi (June 10, 1919) (citation omitted)).
Its main governing bodies comprised the Vaad Leumi (the National Council of Palestine Jews) and the Executive Committee of the Zionist organization, which was called the Jewish Agency for Palestine.
(14) Bu liste icerisinde en umut vaad eden ilaclar kalsiyum kanal blokorleri ve alfa blokor ilaclardir.
"The production is right here in the store, and it's done under the supervision of the local Vaad."
Conel said: "My diabetes has never stopped me doing anything I want to do and I do not think it ever will." The exhibition launched at the VAAD Gallery in Mayfair, London, yesterday and runs throughout Diabetes Week until June 19.
Catling's memorandum begins with an understanding of the "intricate Jewish political, social and economic structure in Palestine." A series of appendices chart these structures marking in passing that "...the Palestine Royal Commission Report of 1937 understood 'The Agency is obviously not a 'governing body'; it can only advise and cooperate in a certain wide field.' But allied as it is with the Vaad Leumi, and commanding the allegiance of the great majority of Jews in Palestine, it unquestionably exercises, both in Jerusalem and in London, a considerable influence on the conduct of government" [emphasis mine].