VAAPVirginia Alternate Assessment Program
VAAPVolunteer Army Ammunition Plant
VAAPVulnerability Analysis and Assistance Program
VAAPVisual Audible Alarm Panel (Sprint)
VAAPVulnerability Analysis and Assessment Program (NSSOG)
VAAPValue Added Agricultural Program (Iowa State University)
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The VAAP Act addresses several forms of violence that include abuse, accessory, accessory before the fact, battering, circumcision or genital mutilation, damage to property, use of dangerous weapons directed to a person, discrimination, exploitation, economic abuse, harassment and harmful traditional practices, as well as emotional, verbal and psychological abuse.
[31] have synthesized VAAP again for the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM).
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The following are not explained: VAAP, VIR, NIANKP, IIYa, OIK, VAVT, SINX, MVShM, LIIYa, MITXT, MAIKTzA.