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curvispinum, the gammarid amphipod Pontogammarus robustoides (Sars) originates from the lower reaches of Ponto-Caspian rivers and from brackish and freshwater lakes around the Black Sea (Bij de Vaate et al., 2002).
curvispinum may alter the physical properties of the benthic environment (Bij de Vaate et al., 2002).
The Mid Frequency Aperture Array Consortium is led by Jan Geralt Bij de Vaate of ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy) in the Netherlands.
The technologies being developed in ADVENT and other parts of the VAATE program will begin appearing in improvements to fielded engines and new engines in about 10 years or so," he said.
Johnson, said he hopes to apply VAATE technology to other industries where temperature, corrosion, and wear are critical.
The VAATE program is now an approved DOD technology objective and recently awarded its first major procurement activity to multiple defense contractors for approximately $350 million.
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bij De Vaate. Filtration Rate and Pseudofaeces Production in Zebra Mussels and Their Application in Water Quality Management.
However, some studies have found much lower limits (bij de Vaate 1991, Smit et al.
The history of the invasion by Dreissena is well documented (reviewed in Kinzelbach 1992, Starobogatov & Andreeva 1994, bij de Vaate et al.