VABCVoices Against Brain Cancer (New York, NY)
VABCVermont Avenue Baptist Church (Washington, DC)
VABCVirginia Alcoholic Beverage Control
VABCVisayas Area Business Conference (Philippines)
VABCVolkssport Association of British Columbia (Canada)
VABCVintage Aircraft Boosters Club
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Table 1: Description of Visual Appraisal Body Condition Score (VABCS) in 5 point scale VABC Description of Score Score 1 Severely emaciated.
VABCS on a 5 point scale as per method described by Roche et al.
The VABC operates 249 state stores that sell primarily distilled spirits (also vermouth, Virginia farm wines and mixers), which in Fiscal 1999 grossed more than $324 million, with the agency's profits contribution to the state eclipsing $38 million.
As is true in other control states, and consistent with its state-mandated mission, the VABC must implement an effective control function, monitoring the distribution of beverage alcohol throughout the state, while at the same time operating as a retailer of distilled spirits.
The result of these two facts is that the VABC has moved prudently, yet ambitiously, to meet the growing needs of its citizens by recommending the opening of more strategically placed state stores as well as participate in a timely modernization program.
Essentially, Adams pointed out, PDS technology allows the VABC to track and monitor all information and functions regarding the products the system distributes and sells.
As previously mentioned, enforcement is interconnected with education in the VABC, and special agents take part in a speaker's bureau that travels throughout the state addressing school and community groups regarding ABC laws and regulations.