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Some were Kazakh famine refugees, and some were local people, such as Fayzullo R.'s father who died of starvation in Samarqand or the many victims of an epidemic of vabo. (59)
We also expected the size of the municipality to have an influence (H2B), as other studies have shown it can be a good proxy variable for having a sizeable and professional administration--with relevant competence for climate change policies (Vabo, 2014; Hanssen, 2018).
(47.) Anders Naess, Anders Kvale Havig and Mia Vabo, "Contested Spaces--the Perpetual Quest for Change in Norwegian Nursing Homes," in Annell Hujala, Sari Rissanen and Susann Vihma, eds., Designing Wellbeing in Elderly Care Homes--Reframing Care: Discourses and Context (Espoo: Aalto University Publication Series, Crossover 2, 2013), 68; Norway, Ministry of Health, Law On Municipal Health Care, accessed 4 March 2015,
Cost and Financial Analysis for Vabo Agricultural Industry Ibadan
"The spot market continues to be under pressure, despite a reasonably steady flow of fixtures," Vabo said in the report.
Signy Irene Vabo, Political Characteristics, Institutional Procedures
(2010), Gammon and Fear (2010), Gimenez and Prior (2003), Hagen and Vabo (2005), Hautbois et al.
In other words, fish behavior in response to research vessels is poorly understood, and it likely varies among species and with many other factors (Vabo et al., 2002), such as ontogeny, time of day, season, region, depth, sampling platform, and stimuli.
Consistent with the arguments made by other authors within the text, Vabo & Aamodt (2009) argue that this expansion came as a result of market-driven needs (particularly within the technology sector) that forced organized labor to become more educated/specialized.