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VABSVineland Adaptive Behavior Scale
VABSVariational Asymptotic Beam Sectional Analysis
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2010) is that whereas the latter correlated the TARPA with the VABS, one subscale of which affords an indirect measure of communication ability, the current study correlated it with a widely accepted performance-based measure of language ability, namely the Preschool Language Scale.
Children in the TD group could not have ever met criteria for ASD (by parent report) or have a first-degree relative with ASD, and had to have at least a 77 on the communication and socialization VABS domains.
Tabla 1 Estadisticos descriptivos de las medidas iniciales del grupo tratamiento en el WISC-IV, en el WCST-LP, en la ESCI y en la VABS Grupo tratamiento Tareas M DT Rangos CV 137,10 11,53 110-155 RP 127,90 9,55 112-146 MT 121,84 12,92 97-144 VP 113,37 10,99 89-134 Cl 134,84 5,61 127-149 WCST-LP pre 44,84 10,20 16-57 WCST-LP pos 55,53 3,56 48-60 WCST-LP ganancia 10,68 11,30 -3-39 ESCI Emociones 12,36 2,06 9-16 ESCI Causas 37,47 5,78 22-44 ESCI Soluciones 10,94 2,12 5-13 ESCI Total 60,79 8,11 42-72 VABS-S 142,94 17,27 115-181 VABS-CD 14,47 6,03 4-29 CV: comprension verbal; MT: memoria de trabajo; RP: razonamiento perceptivo; VP: velocidad de procesamiento.
The ICD10-AM and AIS data related to %TBSA, and demographic data for adult burn cases identified from the VSTR and definitively managed at the VABS were retrieved for analysis.
Also shown in Table 6, rate of learning each of the 1st five items for all individual programs was related to the amount of change on the VABS and to the VABS scores at 4 years.
In addition, the VABS indicated that three of the four children had low adaptive levels on the socialization sub-scale and that two of the children had moderately low (Oliver) and low (Derek) adaptive levels on the communication sub-scale.
The VABS (Sparrow, Balla, & Cicchetti, 1990) is a semistructured interview, administered to a parent or other caregiver of the child.
Children's competencies prior to school entry were assessed when the children were 54 months old with a variety of measures from different sources, which included the PPVT-R (receptive vocabulary), the VABS (performance in daily activities), and the SSRS-P (social adjustment measure).
Capability: VABS II, for composite beams, analyzes slender structures with arbitrary geometry, made of arbitrary materials.
The VABS is the most widely used instrument for assessment of adaptive behavior across the lifespan and covers the domains of socialization (interpersonal relationships, play and leisure time, and coping skills), daily living skills (personal, domestic, and community skills), motor skills (gross and fine motor), and communication (receptive, expressive, and written communication), with developmentally ordered skills for each area.