VACCOVacuum Air Components Company of America (South El Monte, CA)
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Based on the Army's historical usage patterns for this product, and previous T-700 contract quantities delivered, VACCO expects to receive additional purchase orders for the full quantity of products over the term of the contract.
Antonio Gonzalez, President, VACCO Industries, commented, "We are very pleased to be selected once again to supply these critical valves to our nation's armed services.
1 million increase at VACCO related to the additional sales volume noted above; partially offset by a $0.
3 percent, reflecting the continued strength of the commercial aerospace market, and VACCO and Filtertek both having sales decreases due to lower demand in the defense spares and automotive end markets, respectively.
8 million increase at VACCO due to an improved sales mix resulting in more favorable overhead absorption; partially offset by a $0.
While all three segments contributed to the better-than-expected earnings, the most significant contributions came from the Filtration segment and in particular, the aerospace businesses at PTI and VACCO.
Lower sales of high margin defense spares and T-700 shipments, along with additional development costs incurred on Space programs at VACCO which accounted for a combined reduction in EBIT of $1.
4 million decrease in Defense product sales at VACCO, a $0.
6 million decrease at VACCO resulting from the decreased sales of high margin defense spares and additional engineering costs incurred on new Space product development programs; a $0.