VACPVariable Amplitude Cross Polarization
VACPVideo Archive Control Protocol
VACPVoice Activated Calling Platform (Sprint)
VACPVirginia Association of Chiefs of Police
VACPVirginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists
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Hanwoo (Korean cattle; steer) beef loins (carcass quality grade of 1) at d 2 post-slaughter were purchased from a local market and then aged under VACP at 2[degrees]C for 7 d before trimming to conform with the commercial distribution condition.
The beef stored under VACP was determined after blooming for 30 min while the beef stored under other packaging systems was determined immediately after removal of film.
The sliced beef stored under VACP had higher (p<0.
In our results, the sliced beef stored under VACP, MOMAP, and VSP-MOMAP showed a tendency to have lower carbonyl content compared with the beef stored under HOMAP for 14 d.
05) in the sliced beef stored under Ox-MAP, but little changed in the beef stored under VACP (Figure 5).
7) Stephen Gower, lecture given at the 2007 VACP Annual Conference in Williamsburg, VA.