VACTERLVertebral, Anal atresia, Cardiac, Trachea, Esophageal, Renal, and Limb Defects
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This refers to several birth defects that frequently occur in conjunction with one another VACTERL stands for vertebrae, anus, cardiac, trachea, oesophagus and renal (or kidneys) and limbs, which are the areas of the body impacted by these defects.
Differential diagnosis for CHARGE syndrome includes 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, VACTERL association, Goldenhar syndrome, and Kabuki syndrome (Corsten-Janssen et al., 2013; Corsten-Janssen & Scambler, 2017).
Mutasyon saptanmayan olgular klinik bulgular acisindan degerlendirildiginde; 4 olgu VACTERL birlikteligi ile uyumlu bulundu.
Caption: Figure 4: Radiographs centered on the anomalies of the bony structures (frontal view of the pelvis, lateral views of the lumbosacral spine and the left leg): VACTERL. Pubic diastasis, fusion of the last sacral vertebrae with agenesis of the coccyx, agenesis of the distal half of the tibia with fibular curvature, and an equinovarus deformation of the left foot.
Boulagnon et al., "Sirenomelia: A new type, Showing VACTERL Association with thomas syndrome and a review of literature," Birth Defects Research Part A Clinical and Molecular Teratology, vol.
* Patients meeting criteria for VACTERL association.
Of note, pathology examination revealed 5 gastrointestinal malformations not detected during prenatal imaging studies, including 2 cases with imperforate anus and 1 with rectal atresia, all of which showed other anomalies consistent with the VACTERL association (vertebral anomalies, anal atresia, cardiac defect, tracheoesopegeal fistula, renal anomaly, and limb anomalies).
Patient 3, a 4.5-year-old boy, suffered from VACTERL syndrome and Fanconi anemia and underwent allogenic stem cell transplantation [20].
Diagnosed with VACTERL association at a young age, she has been served by Ronald McDonald House Charities throughout her life, particularly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cocuklarin %59'unda VACTERL sendromu (vertebra anomalileri, anal atrezi, kardiyak defekt, transozefagial, renal ve uzuv anomalileri) ile iliskili bir ya da daha fazla anomali mevcut oldugu saptanmis, bunun TNF inhibitorlerinin olasi bir yan etkisi olabilecegi sonucuna varilmistir.
David Hutch, 10, has been fighting Vacterl Syndrome since he was born and has had to endure eight surgeries, including three open heart procedures.