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VACUUMVolunteer Agents Crusading Unsteadily Under Mongoose (fictional group from the book Secret Agents Four)
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Behind, is its own pressure held in leash of spurred on by the lift-shunts; before it, the vacuum where Fleury's Ray dances in violet-green bands and whirled turbillons of flame.
You can hear the trickle of the liquefied gas flowing from the vacuum into the bilge-tanks and the soft gluck-glock of gaslocks closing as Captain Purnall brings "162" down by the head.
It would be such a vacuum as cannot be artificially produced; for if we pump the air from a receiver there remains the luminiferous ether.
This led to their working at night, by light produced in a vacuum by means of Ruhmkorff's apparatus, which threw an artificial brightness into the depths of the Columbiad.
The rate of progress, however rapid it might be, cannot produce any sensible effect on the human frame when it takes place in a vacuum, or when the mass of air circulates with the body which is carried with it.
None of the men got drunk, although there were cocktails in vacuum bottles and red wine in a huge demijohn.
Now, in the natural sciences truth is always a desideratum; and I confess it would seem to be equally so in the present case of domestic uncertainty, which may be called a vacuum where according to the laws of physic, there should exist some pretty palpable proofs of materiality.
There was evidently much to be understood; vacuums that the fancy could easily fill; and, before Julia had left the summer-house, the letter was extended, in her imagination, to the promised six sheets.
As mentioned in the report, the MEA vacuum pumps market is driven by the growth in energy demand to fulfil a resurgent economy that is focusing on large-scale projects.
On the basis of types, the vacuum pumps market is segmented into five categories: liquid ring vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, turbo molecular vacuum pumps, and steam jet ejectors.
In general, a vacuum bag does not care which glue is used, it will press all glues with 1800 pounds per square foot of pressure.
Air and vacuum work together to make everything happen in a resin conveying system.