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Zhang et al., "VADAR: a web server for quantitative evaluation of protein structure quality," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
The company is set on the actual location where NELCO used to have its offices, and is now home to VADAR Corp.
Perhaps they have their Hitler or Stalin, or they have a fallen angel like our devil, or like similar stories in many mythologies including the good guys versus the bad guys in Hollywood westerns, Darth Vadar in Star Wars, and He Who Must Not Be Mentioned in Harry Potter.
Fans also know that the mysterious organization lurking in the background of Casino Royale will dominate the arc of the following films and that its destruction will probably come about in the third film, as Luke and the rebels destroy the empire and Darth Vadar in the third Star Wars film, as Spider-man ends the Green Goblin's legacy in the third Spider-man film, and as X-men vanquish Magneto and his army in X-Men 3: The Last Stand.
When negative thoughts come through my mind I just go back to "Star Wars" when Luke is hanging by one arm and Darth Vadar says, "Luke, walk with me on the dark side." No, just let go and fall off!
My unkempt wife, the Darth Vadar voice changer and the piles of newspaper cuttings hidden behind every piece of bulky furniture.
top toys (clockwise from left) Bratz Rock Angel, Baby Annabell New, Tumble Time Tigger, Monopoly, Barbie Pegasus Annika, Crazy Frog, Tyco Cyber Shocker, B Daman, Tournament Set, Furby (centre) Thomas and Darth Vadar
I BLAME Darth.You know, that Vadar bloke with the huskie hiss of a voice which indicated he's either suffering from a particularly bad case of asthma, or training to win the Dirty Phonecall Olympics.
It connects the prequels with the original film from 1977 and tells the story of how Anakin Skywalker was transformed into the evil Darth Vadar.
(She also has some anachronistic fun: Among the conceits is playfully turning Falstaff into Darth Vadar to Prince Hal's Luke Skywalker in a moment of revelry.)
To show the diversity the label, which is the mastermind of Radio One Evening Session DJ Huw Stephens, his friend Geraint 'Baz' John, and owners of Cardiff's Big Noise Recorders Greg Haver and Ceri Collier, has brought together bedroom musicians like John Barnes (Wardthemoff) to the disco funk of Lady Vadar (Love The Music).