VADDValue Added Disk Driver
VADDVector Add
VADDVoluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (insurance)
VADDVitamin A Deficiency Disorder
VADDVisual Age Developer Domain (IBM)
VADDVehicular Attention Deficit Disorder
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Location First Probe VADD (L-VADD) selects a node closest to the next forwarding path.
Advantage of VADD is its high delivery ratio compared to other routing protocols.
cadastre data and VADD) to count the increased dwelling number per 2001 land parcel as reasonable.
Vegetated agricultural drainage ditches (VADD) have been proposed as a potential economical and environmentally efficient management practice to mitigate the effects of pesticides in dormant season runoff.
Example of DTN routing algorithm are VADD (Zhao and Cao, 2006) and GeoOpps (Leontiadis and Mascolo).
Vehicle-Assisted Data Delivery in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VADD)(Zhao and Cao, 2006):
Vehicle-assisted data delivery (VADD) [4] is based on a carry-and-forward scheme.
However, some other protocols (e.g., VADD [6]) exploit the historical traffic data to decide the path for packet forwarding.
In future works we will introduce the realistic model in other routing protocols for VANETS such as GeoDTN, GeOpps, VADD, CBF, To-Go, GPCR, etc., and we will compare the performance of our system when there is large or small environments [41].
For example, the SCAR [93] is based on the history neighbor perception, the MobySpace [94] and VADD [95] are both based on the movement pattern perception, the ORWAR [96] is based on the link time window perception, the RDAR [97] and DRADG [98] are based on the distance perception, the Maxprop [29] and RAPID [99] are based on the buffer space perception, and the TADs [100] is based on the traffic pattern and road layout perception.