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Daily mortality data were collected from HDSS sites in Kisumu, Nairobi, Nouna, and Vadu. The HDSS data contain individual statistics including gender, date of birth, date of death, and dates of in- and out-migration to and from the HDSS site.
My letter was passed to Vadu Carey and now that friendship has lasted over 67 years and I have an album full of memoirs.
"Rasant veikala apie Salkauski, man buvo aisku, kad is kitu nepriklausomos Lietuvos izymybiu bei ateitininku vadu biografinio atvaizdavimo pirmiausia uzsitarnautu Dovydaitis su Pakstu.
Greek Catholic churches--some declared historical monuments--were demolished in Vadu Izei, Maramures County; Baisoara, Cluj County; Smig, Sibiu County; Tritenii de Jos, Cluj County; Craiova, Dolj County; Valea Larga, Mures County; Bont, Cluj County; Calarasi, Cluj County; Solona, Salaj County; and Urca, Cluj County.
For example, Greek Catholic churches (some of them historical monuments) were demolished in Vadu Izei (Maramures County), Baisoara (Cluj County), Smig (Sibiu County), Tritenii de Jos (Cluj County), Craiova (Dolj County), and Urea (Cluj County).