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Ignoring contributions from frictional and solenoidal terms that are usually much smaller, the time rate of change of vertical vorticity can be expressed as the sum of horizontal (HADV) and vertical (VADV) advection of vertical vorticity, the convergence (CON V, or stretching) and tilting (TILT) terms.
7e-h), the CONV and HADV terms increased to an order of magnitude larger than VADV and TILT The HADV term still exhibits a positive (negative) maximum at the southwest (northeast) flank of the mesocyclone center.
Distributions of (a),(e) HADV; (b),(f) VADV; (c),(g) TILT; and (d),(h) CONV terms within the mesocyclone at 1.5 km at (a)-(d) 1454 and (e)-(h) 1530 LST, corresponding to the times before and near tornadogenesis, respectively.