VAEDVictorian Admitted Episode Dataset (hospital patient data; Department of Human Services; Australia)
VAEDVocational and Adult EDucation
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Classification of Environmental Configurations of the researched places Environmental variables Configuration Economic - VAEc Educational - VAEd Social--VASo Positive Negative Positive Negative Positive Sao Paulo CA1 x x x CA2 Parana CA3 x x x CA4 CA5 CA6 CA7 Sergipe CA8 x x Environmental variables Configuration Social--VASo Negative Sao Paulo CA1 CA2 Parana CA3 CA4 CA5 CA6 CA7 Sergipe CA8 x Source: The authors (2016).
According to Vaed, recent data suggest that more and more investors are using smartphones to trade.
Results from the hospital analysis were then compared with those from the VAED analysis to determine whether the falls coding practice in the index hospital was in general representative of that in the state's hospitals.
(Puder ahvardas pohja korbeda 'the porridge threatened to boil away'), which is similar to many other European languages, or by means of the mas-construction (Vene vaed on Gorist lahkumas 'the Russian forces are about to leave Gori').
These DRGs are then aggregated into 23 broader major diagnostic categories (MDCs) based on VAED definitions during the study period.
These VAED edits cause the data, submitted by hospitals to the Department of Health, to reject; that is, the hospital must provide the data for the case to be accepted and the hospital to be paid (Victorian Government, Department of Health 2012).
Nimelt eeldasid Eesti korged juhid, et Eesti vaed ei tungi enam vaenlase territooriumile ja nuudsest hakatakse pidama kaitsesoda.
HIMs are especially well suited because of their understanding of ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS classification, coding and knowledge of the VAED. Exposure to hospital operations (even at university placement level) also provides a unique insight into the various processes that occur at hospital level and how these may impact on the data sent through to DH.
(4.) Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED), Victorian Health information Reporting System (VHIRS), 2006/07, DHS, Victoria: Request 1952, run 30/10/2007.
The 'Classification of Hospital-acquired Diagnoses' (CHADx) was developed by first identifying all codes flagged as a complication in the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) 2005/06 (Jackson et al., in press).