VAERVaccine Adverse Event Report
VAERVisual Averaged Evoked Response
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Several houses at Vemork and Vaer were leveled, and the homes not eviscerated by explosion were destroyed by flying stones and splinters and by the fires that followed.
Over the past fifteen years, questions from concerned parents have led to the development of the VAER, legislation to begin the Vaccine Injury & Compensation Program (VICP), changes in the pertussis vaccine, phasing out of the oral polio vaccine, rejection of the rotavirus vaccine, moratorium on the administration of Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, removal of mercury from vaccines and more thorough research on vaccines.
That was followed by two plays, a collection of stories, Hold kaeft og vaer smuk (Shut Up and Be Beautiful, 1978), and two novels, Hvad for en hand vil du ha' (Which Hand Do You Want, 1987), which was shortlisted for the Literature Prize of the Nordic Council, and Sebastians kaerlighed (Sebastian's Love, 1992).
Children meet at Brick Lane Studios, in Paisley, and the VAER, next to Lidl and Tesco in Barrhead.
While Merck, the FDA, the CDC and the medical establishment all deny that there have been serious, life-altering adverse events associated with Gardasil, the fact is that compared with the mandated vaccines which are given with greater frequency, Gardasil still has the most adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of any vaccine.
According to World Health Organization data, the rate of serious adverse reactions reported to the VAERS system is 2.5 times higher than the current age-standardized death rate from cervical cancer.
(33) So why hasn't the FDA, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or Merck itself responded to the VAERS reports that Gardasil is not a safe vaccine?
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