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In 1566, when he was approximately nine years of age, within the casting of choir boys, he was accepted to the Imperial court in Vienna, where he continued to study music, under the guidance of the Kapellmeisters Philippus de Monte and Jacobus Vaet, and the organist Wilhelm Formellis, who probably taught him how to play the instrument.
On 23 December 1559, Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria's agent in Vienna wrote him a letter in which he described hearing a Mass by the imperial Kapellmeister Jacobus Vaet; at first he had failed to identify its subject, but later, as he sang it to himself, he recognized that Vaet had composed his Mass as an imitation of Lassus's motet `Tityre tu patulae'.
This very fact should alert us to something in his make-up, since the art of polyphonic composition had reached such a peak by the mid-century that every other tradition apart from the Italian had many examples of the type--by Clemens, Gombert, Vaet, Lassus, Morales, Mouton, Ghersem, Byrd, Gibbons, Tomkins, to mention a few.
Among the composers are Josquin Desprez, Orlando di Lasso, Andrea Gabrieli, Jacob Regnart, Jacobus Vaet, and Giaches de Wert.