VAFVisa Application Form (various nations)
VAFVernacular Architecture Forum
VAFValue Adjustment Factor
VAFVariance Accounted For
VAFVane Air Flow (automotive sensor)
VAFVisual Arts Facility (various locations)
VAFVirginia Arts Festival (est. 1997)
VAFViral Antibody Free
VAFVan's Air Force (hobby website)
VAFVoice Activity Factor
VAFVirginia Academy of Fencing
VAFVehicle Asset Finance
VAFVariable Air Flow
VAFVirginia Arts Foundation
VAFVaccine Associated Fibrosarcoma
VAFVirginia Anarchist Federation
VAFVeterans Angel Flight (Manassas, VA)
VAFVodafone Albania Foundation
VAFVirginia Association of Fairs
VAFVoluntary Action Fund (UK)
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CA15-3, ID months Age (a) ER PR HER2 U/mL 1 Baseline 52 pos (b) pos pos 602 5 376 2 Baseline 45 pos pos neg 25 20 131 3 Baseline 74 pos pos neg 29 14 24 4 Baseline 80 pos pos neg 150 2 194 5 Baseline 49 pos pos pos 23 2 23 6 Baseline 27 pos pos neg 23 11 23 17 25 24 56 7 Baseline 72 pos NA neg 314 1 395 8 Baseline 51 pos pos neg 20 7 46 9 221 10 567 13 252 9 Baseline 43 pos pos neg 74 3 110 6 168 12 147 13 138 cfDNA SNV (AA mutation) and VAF Patient genomic ID copies/mL Gene Mutation VAF, % Coverage 1 2076 PIK3CA P.
Moreover, it also can be observed that the highest VAF of 94.
It is worth mentioning that the model is excellent if the RMSE is zero and VAF is 100.
For instance, during SE rowing, the bi-articular leg muscles explained up to 60% of total VAF and were active during the propulsive phase (Synergy #1).
O APL de Jau, segundo dados do SEADE e Secretaria de Fazenda do Estado, e responsavel por cerca de 7,05% do VAF (Valor adicionado fiscal) da Industria de Couro e Calcados do Estado de Sao Paulo no ano de 2009, segundo dados da Secretaria da Fazenda do Estado.
The size of the indirect effect on the total effect is given by the VAF (variance accounted for) proposed by lacobucci and Duhachek (2003).
DOJ was prompted to establish the VAF to minimize the inconvenience
VAF is a volunteer-based nonprofit group that places volunteers from all over the world into schools, orphanages, clinics and medical centers.
But what's called "quality series" or "prestige drama" is typically the kind of drama funded by the VAF.
Paired t tests were used to measure the changes in sensitivity, bias, and VAF between Ti and T2.