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VAFSVaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma (feline cancer)
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The VAFs were orthogonally confirmed by digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) by measuring absolute mutant copies and wild-type copies.
She was progressing on goserelin and capecitabine at the time of first blood sample in May 2013, which had amplified ERBB2, TP53 mutation (VAF = 6.5%), and a subclonal PIK3CA mutation (VAF = 2.5%) in cfDNA, suggesting resistant disease.
Each participant's variance accounted for (VAF) was also derived for each time period.
Patients experienced markedly more aversion to (dislike of) conventional syringes (VAAS score: 5.88 [+ or -] 3.61 vs stress-reducing syringes VAAS score: 1.21 [+ or -] 1.64; P<.001); they also had greater fear (conventional VAFS score: 4.68 [+ or -] 2.8 vs stress-reducing VAFS score: 2.19 [+ or -] 2.8, P<.001) and anxiety (conventional VAS score: 4.54 [+ or -] 3.68 vs stress-reducing VAS score: 2.21 [+ or -] 2.84, P<.001) (TABLE).
A consistent ratio of VAFs across all subareas suggests coexisting mutations occurred within the same tumor population.
(6) also found strong correlations between the VAFs inferred independently by duplex and multiplex assays targeting the same mutations and the VAFs inferred through ddPCR and qPCR.
However, according to ABBS, the VAFS technology would permit reducing the "V" angle allowing to lower the floor and thus the centre of gravity, and thereby reduce vehicle profile or conversely increase internal volume, an overall positive trade-off for the presence of the columns containing or supporting rocket engines and redistributing forces on the floor.
The lower limit of detection for the assay was empirically determined by diluting DNA from a patient sample containing a type-A NPM1 mutation (accession NM_002520:c.860_863dup) of known VAF with NPM1 wild-type DNA in a 10-fold dilution series to obtain a range of VAFs from 10% to 0.00001% ([10.sup.-7]).
Further, it is not possible to generate samples that harbor the full spectrum of variants (ie, single-nucleotide variants [SNVs], indels, copy number variants, and structural variants such as translocations) and range of variant allele fractions (VAFs) that are needed to fully assess germline and somatic NGS assays being used in clinical practice.