VAITVehicle Analysis and Integration Team
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'Ask number twenty-two, vether he'll have 'em now, or vait till he gets 'em,' was the reply.
He was halfway down the stairs before Madame Haupt could shout to him: "Vait! I vill go mit you!
"You had ought to haf had a doctor, und not vaited so long--it vas too late already ven I come." Once more there was deathlike stillness.
Westman and Vait first met when they both attended the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, though it wasn't until they crossed paths once again in 2011 as members of the Seattle Rock Orchestra that they finally made the musical connection.
Although the remaining shareholders of VAIT -- the two buy-out subsidiaries of co-operative regional bank Oberoesterreich, Erste Group Bank AG (WBAG:EBS) and UniCredit Bank Austria, part of Italian UniCredit SpA (BIT:UCG) -- have pre-emption rights for the shares, the possibility that they use these rights is low, VAIT head Karl Mistlberger told media OOeNachrichten.
He speaks with an accent: "Vait dill I shees if my Benny ishent in der dicket shum var" (High 314).
Keskinen, the son of Rita Vait, plans to attend the UO.
Cascuns cevaliers vait parlant selonc ce que li cuers li dist.
Et quant el voit la mescheance, Si quiert honteuse chevissance, Et s'en vait au bordiau cropir Plaine de duel et de sopir.