VAJVisual Age for Java
VAJVisual Age for Java (IBM)
VAJVee Arnis Jujitsu (martial arts style)
VAJVoice across Japan (speech study database)
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Police want to trace the owner of the Shogun with the registration plate W605 VAJ.
71) See Jonathan Ulrich, The Gloves Were Never On: Defining the President's Authority to Order Targeted Killing in the War Against Terrorism, 45 VAJ.
116) Paragraph 21285; see also, CDJv VAJ (No 1) (1998) 197 CLR 172, 215; Mister Figgins Pty Ltd v Centrepoint Freeholds Pty Ltd (1981) 36 ALR 23, 28.
32) Similarly, in CDJ v VAJ the High Court acknowledged that inquiring into the best interests of the child would `necessarily involve predictions and assumptions about the future which are not susceptible of scientific demonstration or proof' and that `[p]erceptions, predictions and even intuition and guesswork can all play a part.