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VALValine (Amino Acid)
VALVatican City Lira (defunct currency; ISO designation)
VALValidity Checks (File Name Extension)
VALValue Added Logistics (supply chain)
VALVéhicule Automatique Léger (French driverless metro system)
VALVoluntary Agency Liaison
VALVoice Application Language
VALValidation Facility
VALVoluntary Action Leicester (England, UK)
VALValue-Oriented Algorithmic Language
VALVisit Authorization Letter
VALAttack Squadron, Light
VALVisiting Aircraft Line (US Marine Corps)
VALVertical Alarm Limit
VALVideo Associates Labs, Inc. (Austin, TX)
VALVariable Adjustable Life Insurance
VALVulnerability Assessment Laboratory
VALVariable Angle Launcher
VALVehicle Authorization List
VALVicarm Arm Language
VALVehicle Administrative Liaison
VALVehicle Assembler/Loader
VALVehicle Availability List
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Lot 6 - The front axle steering, suspension, axle front hub and rear wheel brakes - front, ARO direction D127, val.
In the community, Val and Andrew made contact with the local park rangers and were made 'voluntary rangers' helping out at events in the parks.
The training helped Val greatly and this was highlighted when she delivered a presentation to 14 members of college staff.
Bruce Van Wetter, a Val Verde representative on the council, said it's too early to speculate on what government would best serve the area.
Val also decided to seek legal redress for the abuse she had suffered.
Val has to grow to accept his apparently alien son.
Val quickly sat on the soccer ball, hoping he would not notice it.
They are at his house and the school asking for Val.
For years Clos Du Val has demonstrated a unique spirit of independence in the vineyard, cellar and marketplace.
9: parts SKODA IZ / ABLFX01 Octavia, Skoda motor BLF, 1598cmc; 2016 min 8199 lei wave val.
For younger viewers, the most shocking aspect about this story must be that people like Val, Diane and Pollard are still actually having sex at their age.