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VALValine (Amino Acid)
VALVatican City Lira (defunct currency; ISO designation)
VALValidity Checks (File Name Extension)
VALValue Added Logistics (supply chain)
VALVéhicule Automatique Léger (French driverless metro system)
VALVoluntary Agency Liaison
VALVoice Application Language
VALValidation Facility
VALVoluntary Action Leicester (England, UK)
VALValue-Oriented Algorithmic Language
VALVisit Authorization Letter
VALAttack Squadron, Light
VALVisiting Aircraft Line (US Marine Corps)
VALVertical Alarm Limit
VALVideo Associates Labs, Inc. (Austin, TX)
VALVariable Adjustable Life Insurance
VALVulnerability Assessment Laboratory
VALVariable Angle Launcher
VALVehicle Authorization List
VALVicarm Arm Language
VALVehicle Administrative Liaison
VALVehicle Assembler/Loader
VALVehicle Availability List
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In one picture, Val and Amber, who dressed up as a zombie mermaid, can be seen posing for a selfie together.
She then enlists the help of Finn to try and find out the identity of the internet troll - only to discover it's schoolboy Jake, getting revenge on Val for telling Alicia and David he'd been stealing stock from the shop and flogging it to his mates.
As Val works during termtime in the Redcar and Cleveland area, she has taken the pounds 2,000 holiday vouchers rather than selecting one of the holidays "We're not sure where and when to go yet," said Val, whose name was entered into the holiday prize draw after she collected tokens in the Gazette.
Without visible improvement, the residents of Val Verde continue to enjoy this eyesore and possible negative impact to their property values.
Now Val has nominated the Mc Gees for a Neighbourhood Champs award.
They are at his house and the school asking for Val.
Based on trade insights derived from media sources and interviews with buyers conducted by the Clos Du Val staff, the revolutionary zero up-charge three-pack configuration provides a lower inventory commitment during these trying economic times, and creates a lower acquisition cost for Clos Du Val on-premise partners.
It's not just after dinner mints that Val is hoping for.
The Castaic Area Town Council does not and has not represented the strategic key issues affecting Val Verde,'' Stephens said.
Yet few companies have processes for selecting and managing IT investments using the same rigor they apply to managing their financial investments," said John Thorp, CMC, ISP, a Val IT expert developer and management consultant.
First, Val finally finds the courage to tell husband Pollard that the man she slept with in Portugal has HIV and they should go for tests.
Antonovich in which Val Verde is represented, formed the special district in 2004, setting guidelines on how development could take place.