VALEXValidation Exercise
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* Apply VALEX to improve the firm's Internet channel by directing targeted messages through email and Web touch paints
FINDING A SOLUTION IN TECHNOLOGY TO BUILD STRONGER CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS -- NEBS' search to fulfill their customer marketing needs lead them to VALEX software from Exchange Applications.
"Given our experience with marketing technology, we were definitely more inclined to go with the in-house solution, and we were very impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of VALEX," Bertozzi said.
VALEX, in tandem with a statistical modeling tool, enables NEBS' marketers to quickly and easily segment customers, create and execute highly targeted direct-marketing campaigns, analyze results and then apply knowledge learned toward refining subsequent campaigns.
SALES LIFT THROUGH PERSONALIZED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS -- One important capability that VALEX provides is a means to send customers personalized cover letters with NEBS' catalogues that present cross-sell/up-sell offers based an each customer's individual purchase history.