VALTAViolence And Learning: Taking Action
VALTAVirginia Association of Local Tax Auditors (Chesterfield, VA)
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He was also the project engineer, chief engineer, and engineering manager with the AGCO engineering team that started Americanizing the design of tractors from SDFG, significantly improving the reliability of the MF tractors built in Beauvais, France, and introducing the Fendt and Valta tractors to North America.
Previously the record was held by Finnish phone-putter Petri Valta, who chucked a Nokia 5110 a mere 66.72 metres last September.
The world record is just under 219 feet, set by Petri Valta. His favorite phone to fling?
Petri Valta of Finland became the new world champion in mobile phone throwing when he threw a Nokia 5110 a distance of 66.72 metres.
Now, assembly instructions, tractor test run instructions, and product development department notices are all in real time, and within reach of designers and other research and development personnel at Valta.
Stender-Petersen not only viewed the Slavic form as a borrowing in the Proto-Slavic period but, indeed, went so far as to argue that the similar Baltic (Lithuanian valdau, valdyti; Latvian valdu, valdit) and Finnish (Finnish valta, Estonian wald) forms were also borrowed from Germanic.
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