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VALVEVolcano Analysis and Visualization Environment (Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)
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One example of this is the IMTEX range of valve communication systems that incorporate a 4 to 20mA non-contact feedback transmitter.
Mold-Masters also rolled out its Accu-Valve CX valve gates for production of commodity products and Accu-Valve EX designs for engineering resins.
Opening the valve keeps that gunk from going into the vehicles being fueled.
As an actuated ball valve is repeatedly opened and closed, its seals (typically of Teflon[R]) constantly rub against the valve's inner surfaces and wear down over time.
Cells readily manufacture the nanoscale valves, pumps, and other gadgets that make life work.
These patented valves are said to be the solutions that the company provides to customers, and are results of working closely with curing engineers in the tire industry.
The combination of 140[degrees]F water with constant circulation (to prevent stagnation) and combination thermostatic/pressure balancing (Type T/P) valve technology is the only reliable way to kill bacteria and maintain sanitary potable water pipes.
Established in 1953 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Red Valve is one of the world's leading manufacturers of valves for the mining industry, with manufacturing plants and factory offices in North Carolina, the U.
An internal nasal valve is considered to have collapsed when the angle of the valve is less than 10[degrees] to 15[degrees].
When a remote-control valve receives a signal to open or close from an automatic time clock, it does so instantaneously, overcoming a force of considerable water pressure in the process.
The Toronto SPV(R) valve offers excellent hemodynamic performance, superior patient survival rates and quicker patient recovery times compared to conventional stented tissue valves.