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VALVEVolcano Analysis and Visualization Environment (Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)
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I am a great sufferer, and I have long had suspicions as to that valve.
I see only a coincidence of occurrences such as happens with all the phenomena of life, and I see that however much and however carefully I observe the hands of the watch, and the valves and wheels of the engine, and the oak, I shall not discover the cause of the bells ringing, the engine moving, or of the winds of spring.
This physician likewise abundantly establishes what he has advanced respecting the motion of the blood, from the existence of certain pellicles, so disposed in various places along the course of the veins, in the manner of small valves, as not to permit the blood to pass from the middle of the body towards the extremities, but only to return from the extremities to the heart; and farther, from experience which shows that all the blood which is in the body may flow out of it in a very short time through a single artery that has been cut, even although this had been closely tied in the immediate neighborhood of the heart and cut between the heart and the ligature, so as to prevent the supposition that the blood flowing out of it could come from any other quarter than the heart.
A control valve is used to control fluid flow by varying the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller.
Being able to relate to your customer's strategic requirements is the differentiating factor in being viewed as a mere supplier of valves to being looked upon as a strategic valve management partner.
Both conditions require fixing, and the optimal treatment depends on the valve and the condition affecting it.
So how do you know if your heart valves are working optimally, or if your existing valve problems are likely to progress?
The steam control valve is one of the most basic and indispensable components of the steam system, and plays a very important role in the quality of the products that the plant is producing.
With the increasing demand on process control systems, valve monitor systems are being requested that will electronically communicate several valve system parameters and alert operators to potential problems.
Next you want to read the websites of various valve manufacturers throughout the world.
Mold-Masters also rolled out its Accu-Valve CX valve gates for production of commodity products and Accu-Valve EX designs for engineering resins.
Opening the valve keeps that gunk from going into the vehicles being fueled.