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VAMIValue Added Monthly Index
VAMIVirginia Alliance for the Mentally Ill (Richmond, VA)
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Getegemeaga (It depends) Meru + Kiswahili structure ge tegeme a ga it root of inflection/ habitual tegemea informative morph morph Gentatizaga (it bothers me): Kiswahili + Meru structure ge N tat iz a ga it first root of inflection inflection/ habitual person tata morph formative morph singular morph Nitwavamiilwe (we were attacked): Kiswahili + Meru Ni twa vami i lwe We first root of Inflection/ aspectual person vamia formative marker/past marker complete plural action The above examples show that code-mixing is a complex morphological undertaking.
Another such apparent error occurs in the translation of Southey's lines 10-11: "[...] and in your holy train / Jove proudly ranks, and Juno, whitearm'd Queen," where Puskin has "And after you solemnly follow / The great Zeus with his whiteheaded [i.e., fair-haired] spouse" ("I sledujut torzestvenno za vami / Velikoj Zevs s suprugoj beloglavoj").
Participating for the second time is the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI) who will present a seminar on cooperation with mechanical enterprises.
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