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VAMPIREVisual Active Memory Processes and Interactive REtrieval
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The CW star further teased that "The Vampire Diaries" Season 7 will be interesting because of dynamics shift.
I also noticed that journalists writing about the economic crisis often used vampire imagery.
The new book would be "a big Vampire Chronicle," she told The Dinner Party Show, an internet show co-hosted by her son Christopher Rice.
That True Blood is full of plots and stories focusing on the concept of The Other making it far more serious and complicated than an average fantasy/romance vampire story.
Another work, Ken Gelder's Reading the Vampire (1994), is seminal in its decipherment of the vampire in its cultural context from a range of theoretical perspectives (appropriately open-minded for such an elusive creature), but it appeared in 1994, necessarily excluding recent avatars of the humanised vampire in paranormal romance and Young Adult fiction.
Written in blog format with an easy and appealing style, the storyline will quickly have readers hooked, and maybe just a little apprehensive about vampires.
You can't kill me, I'm already dead: A vampire anthology" presents the chronicles behind modern vampires and provides a chronological tour through vampire literature.
This is a different take on the Vampire genre, presenting as somewhat satirical.
The fascinating capacity of the vampire to have multiple meanings allows for an analysis of the discourses that construct the vampire in the first place.
And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the latest the genre has to offer.
Vampire God: The Allure of the Undead in Western Culture.