VAMRVirginians for Advancement of Medical Research
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Because VR is conducive to immersive storytelling, 360-degree shorts, movies, and documentaries are a natural fit for publishers looking to dip their toes in the VAMR waters.
Another way to get up and running cheaply and quickly with VAMR is by encouraging citizen journalists to upload and post 360-degree or augmented videos to your site.
Ryan Bell, head of studio at VRScout, says his first recommendation for immersive content beginners is to connect with the VAMR community on social media and share questions and ideas.
With VAMR, we need to be more thoughtful in our adoption and development and try to avoid a future with digital regrets."
Richmond forecasts that it will take up to another decade before VAMR is truly integrated into society, but not before the current VR bubble bursts and is reimagined in some way.
Meyer insists that we've only skimmed the surface so far on VAMR's potential, particularly in the realm of marketing.