VAMSVariable Architecture Modeling System (digital musical instrument amplifer modeling)
VAMSVisual Arts and Music for Society (Northridge, CA)
VAMSVisual Analogue Mood Scale (psychology)
VAMSValue Added Mobile Services
VAMSVan Antwerp Middle School (Niskayuna, NY)
VAMSVisits and Assignments Management System
VAMSVersatile Asset Management System (Wyle Laboratories)
VAMSVibroacoustic Monitoring System
VAMSVernon's Annotated Missouri Statutes
VAMSVulnerability Assessment Management Service
VAMSVertical Axis Mass Properties Measurement System
VAMSVillage Accommodation Management System
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When the VAMS was used, behavioral therapy was associated with significantly better mood at 3 months (P = .033) but not at 6 months.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of deliberate practice of CPR skills, using VAMs, on the number of detected compressions where the registered depth was between 38 mm and 51 mm and ventilations where the registered volume was between 500 ml and 800 ml.
(xviii) Table 2 reports classroom-level sample statistics for this VAM subset of teachers.
Both groups reported significant improvements in VAMS scores on the tension and tiredness subscales, but the difference between groups was not significant.
With an open system, VAMS can produce better products and reach a larger market.
It also has two optional I/O module slots and nine different types of VAMs to meet different customization requirements.
And we are concerned about model transparency, since we have heard anecdotally and seen reported in recent research (e.g., Collins, 2014; Kappler Hewitt, 2015) that EVAAS is less accessible and more enigmatic than other VAMs in the market.
Teacher-level math and reading VAMs were estimated using the common approach of regressing students' test scores in math and EL A (in separate equations) on their prior scores in both subjects, a series of student-level characteristics, classroom-level characteristics, school-level characteristics, grade-level indicators, and year indicators.
Staff at the firm's Gateshead base are among 300 engineering service workers who are in dispute with Kone over use of the VAMS system, which they claim is unreliable for measuring workloads.
The objectives of the meeting were to: (1) Identify and discuss recent advances in the use of value-added models (VAMs) and student growth models (SGMs) as one measure of teacher effectiveness, including their implications, applications, and limitations for practicing educators; and (2) Identify considerations for future research.
The benefits of this continuous feedback and prompting were apparent in the outcomes of this study, with the HeartCode group demonstrating more accuracy in their CPR skills than students in the IL group who did not practice with VAMs.
Iridium LRIT certification ensures its Value-Added Manufacturers' (VAMs) devices comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution MSC.210(81) requirements, which establish performance standards for LRIT shipboard systems.