VAMSVariable Architecture Modeling System (digital musical instrument amplifer modeling)
VAMSVisual Arts and Music for Society (Northridge, CA)
VAMSVisual Analogue Mood Scale (psychology)
VAMSValue Added Mobile Services
VAMSVan Antwerp Middle School (Niskayuna, NY)
VAMSVisits and Assignments Management System
VAMSVersatile Asset Management System (Wyle Laboratories)
VAMSVibroacoustic Monitoring System
VAMSVulnerability Assessment Management Service
VAMSVernon's Annotated Missouri Statutes
VAMSVertical Axis Mass Properties Measurement System
VAMSVillage Accommodation Management System
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Rather, evidence shows that EVAAS ratings were no more precise or reliable than those offered by other VAMS, and they were biased against certain teachers.
A series of experiments using different extraction solvents and conditions were performed to determine optimal conditions for the extraction of hydroxyurea from whole blood spots and VAMS devices.
0 [micro]g/mL were added to blank DMPK-C cards and VAMS devices to generate standard curves.
To test the selectivity of the method, blood obtained from 6 healthy volunteers in the absence of any drug administration was applied to DMPK-C cards and sampled with VAMS devices and the extracts analyzed for potential interferences from endogenous compounds eluting at the retention time corresponding to hydroxyurea.
Baseline VAMS and FAS group means were not significantly different, VAMS: t = 0.
The 2 x 5 (group x placebo phase) VAMS repeated measures ANOVA revealed no significant group main effect, F(1, 43) = 0.
In partial support of the hypotheses, experimental group VAMS responses were significantly higher than the control group at 6 weeks during the placebo phase and returned to a level similar to the control for the acute assessment during the no-placebo phase.
Both groups reported significant improvements in VAMS scores on the tension and tiredness subscales, but the difference between groups was not significant.
Our members have already staged strike action and we are now staging a two-week strike from next Wednesday, as our members are furious at the way they have been treated and their legitimate concerns about VAMS ignored.