VAMTACVehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico (High Mobility Tactical Vehicle)
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In the basic 81 millimetre configuration mounted on the back of a Vamtac the Eimos can carry up to 52 ammunition in two racks of 26 each, on the front left and right of the flatbed.
While the main customer of the Vamtac is Spain, the vehicle has been widely exported to other countries, the second largest customer being Morocco with over 1,000 vehicles.
The MMS prototype was unveiled at DSEi 2005 mounted on a Pinzgauer 6 x 6 high-mobility cross-country vehicle and at DSEi 2007 the launcher was mounted on a Spanish Urovesa Vamtac (Vehiculo de Alta Movilidad Tactico) 4 x 4.
Kohkidohsha and Spain's URO Vamtac. Around 500 Vamtacs are in service with Spanish armed forces in two differing versions, tactical (190 hp) and logistical (140 hp).