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VAN EYCKVisual Arts Network for the Exchange of Cultural Knowledge (conference paper)
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While the words about the Blessed Virgin were presumably prompted or chosen by Van Eyck himself, given his employment of them elsewhere, and the texts from the office of the saints perhaps suggested themselves to the patron, the words on the banderole held by Christ must surely be the patron's choice.
Hannie van Eyck, the architect's widow, observes that today, parents want real animals or objects that look like animals.
In his representation of van Eyck's "Les Epoux" (The Arnolfini Portrait), a couple sitting on a red couch are rendered as variations on a theme of the artist himself, so that they look more like fraternal twins than husband and wife.
The cover of the document's American edition showed a part of Jan and Hubert Van Eyck's magnificent 1432 altarpiece painting The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.
As she wrote, van Eyck's 1434 Arnolfini painting is 'one of the most loved works in the National Gallery in London'.
Add a particularly intense "Crucifixion" Sonata by Biber, and a vastly spirited set of variations for solo recorder by van Eyck on What Shall We Do This Evening.
"Van Eyck to Durer: The Influence of Early Netherlandish Painting on European Art: 1430-1530" shows how these two individuals did much to further western European art for centuries to come with their realistic style.
Pre-Raphaelite Drawing Colin Cruise (Thames & Hudson, 29.95) Van Eyck to Gossaert Susan Frances Jones (Yale, 19.99) Here are two superb books reflecting the glories of two equally superb exhibitions, in both Birmingham and London, each of them concerned with the wonders of human beings seen through the eyes of the Renaissance painters and later through the equally perceptive eyes of the Victorian Pre-Raphaelite painters.
The concert is titled " 'Varied' Dialogues with Jakob van Eyck: 'Der Fluyten Lust-hof' and the English Virginalists."
Belgium, which hosts European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is known for its chocolate, beer, waffles, Bruges, cartographer Gerardus Mercator, Big Bang theorist Georges Lemantre, painter Jan van Eyck, poet Emile Verhaeren, etc.
Marshall, and Peter van Eyck, 1969, 115 minutes, color, PG.