VandVandal (linguistics)
VANDVaccine Associated Neurotrophic Disease (yellow fever vaccination side effect)
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Now Vand has a more substantive role in the television show "State of Affairs" appearing on NBC.
Kinsley, Sexual Privacy in the Internet Age: How Substantive Due Process Protects Online Obscenity, 16 VAND.
He lauded the efforts of Hassan Darvish Vand for strengthening the bilateral relations of Iran and Pakistan.
v vAnd most of all some clever, long-standing uses for the facilities that won't lumber us with a large and costly reminder that, for all the fun we had during those 16 days in 2012, bidding for the Games was ultimately an enormous mistake.
Speaking on the occasion , Iranian Consular General Darvesh Vand said that Iran and Pakistan had agreements of billions of dollars and there was possibility of more such agreements in the economic and other sectors.
Christina, the infant daughter of the King of Denmark, the niece of the Emperor Charles Vand the future Duchess of Milan and afterwards Duchess and Regent of Lorraine (the subject of portraits by Holbein, van Orley and here Mabuse) sits numb and bemused as she fumbles with an apple, exploring its whorls and contours with her small three-year-old hands.
Fortunately, the copious law review material cited in the footnotes includes a theoretical work titled "The Critical Resource Theory of Fiduciary Duty," 55 Vand.
Mingea a fost fabricata si asamblata de compania C ai carei angajati folosesc echipamentele si tehnica din Taiwan si Hong Cong; a fost ambalata de compania D, distribuita de compania E si comercializata de compania F; companiile G si H au imprumutat banii pentru proiect si au vandut deja titlurile de proprietate altor companii; companiile I si J vand mingea in centrele lor de sanatate; compania K se ocupa de problemele juridice iar L de reclama; compania M este proprietara fabricii unde a fost asamblata mingea, iar N este proprietara masinilor.
We have to put the Blackburn game behind us vand focus on the next game.
The mechanism of vancomycin resistance in these organisms is mediated by different genes known as vanA, vanB, vanC, vanD and vanE.
Danish National Police Superintendent Erik Vand, a Leadership Program Fellow at the FBI Academy and an adjunct faculty member of the Leadership Development Institute, prepared this Leadership Spotlight.
A company source said Toyota may alter its plans and refrain from announcing sales Vand production forecasts for the 2009 calendar year.