VANDUVancouver Area Network of Drug Users
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In the end, the book makes clear that VANDU offered users an effective means to advocate and speak for themselves and that these efforts played a significant role in the establishment of North America's first supervised injection facility.
Fern Charlie is a peer-interviewer and project Steering Committee Member at the VANDU Women CARE project.
In its effort to demand that injection drug users occupy political space as agents rather than objects, VANDU reached outward to challenge discourse in the broader public sphere that condemned the neighbourhood as deviant and beyond repair.
A recurrent theme in the VANDU minutes is the need for a harm reduction rather than a crime control approach, and, as a central feature of harm reduction, a safe injection site that is legal, user-controlled, and adequately funded to provide health and social support services.
VANDU takes the anti-slavery, civil rights, and women's movements as its models.
While serious resistance still remained at the federal, provincial and municipal government levels, a much broader-based public discussion in Vancouver and the province began to unfold over the next five years, with active participation by neighbourhood activists and drug user groups such as VANDU.