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VANKVoluntary Agency Network of Korea
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TABLE A1 Cross-Tabulation: Subjects, Sessions, and Prior Experiments I Condition None Yll Y12 Mrktl Baseline 1 5,7 2(2x), l(8x) Low 2,1 8 3 1 Medium l(3x) 2,l(4x) High 2,3 8 8 2 Low info 9 3,l(3x) Medium info 2,1 High info 5,l(2x) 2(2x),l(2x) Condition Mrkt2 Eli Car Gonl Baseline 6 Low 6 Medium 1 7 6 * High 8 Low info 2,l(5x) 9 Medium info 5,9,10 High info l(5x) 6,7 Condition Gon2 Ays Gyu Vik VanK Sig Baseline 6(3x) 9 10 ** 1,1,8 Low 2 Medium 3 2 High Low info Medium info 4 High info Notes: The table lists, for each treatment, the size of the sessions conducted, and which experiment preceded them, if any.
BE100 Championships: 1st Jade Pitt, Pallas Vank Wish; 2nd Hannah Brisbane, Barana Moy Boy; 3rd Tara Brisbane, Balmyre Santa Express; 4th Jak Warren, Hank; 5th Amelia Cooper, Sainsburys; 6th Kirsty Hogg, Bloomfield Flapjack.
Sec K: 1, Robyn Chilton, Dhi Zeus, 30; 2, Jamie McKenna, Our Man Flint, 30.5; 3, Jade Pitt, Pallas Vank Wish, 31.
Located in the village of Vank, Nagorno-Karabakh, Gandzasar was the residence and sepulture of the Hasan-Jalalyan family,
We visited the Vank Armenian Cathedral in Esfahan, a Jewish synagogue in Tehran, and a Zoroastrian temple in Esfahan.
This applies especially to the term vank (commonly rendered "monastery"), bearing in mind the solitary and eremitical way of life which emerges from narrative sources.