VAPHVermont Association of Professional Horticulturists
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The development process at the VAPHS began August 1999.
Since implementation, the VAPHS has been the leader of many prevention indices and the chronic disease index indicators, often setting the benchmark for the private sector.
Institutional Review: The protocol was approved by the VAPHS Institutional Review Board (02778).
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, ANOVA = analysis of variance, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, MTS = material testing system, ODOF = one-degree-of-freedom, PSD = power spectral density, SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers, TDOF = two-degree-of-freedom, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAPHS = VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, VDV = vibration dose value, WBV = whole-body vibration, WC = wheelchair, WRC = WC road course.
Collaboration with the VAPHS allows AGH to initiate its liver transplant program in a cost-effective manner by utilizing existing expertise and resources in the city, said Connie Cibrone, AGH president and chief executive officer.