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"In 2011, VAPHS spent more than $36 million to support research projects--$22 million from the National Institutes of Health, $12.5 million from the U.S.
That said, none of these observations prepared me for what lie ahead when I applied to the research department to gain approval from the VAPHS Institutional Review Board (IRB) to collect data for my own research, which I would use to complete my dissertation at Robert Morris University.
The system, which was heavily modified to fit the needs of VAPHS, is now used by all researchers, the research support staff, all members of the IRB Committee, and all IRB approving officials (Parks, 2012).
In spite of its great potential, the CRIS was still an exported shell that required development from with VAPHS, and more than minor customization, too, to produce the desired results for the VAPHS' particular patient population.
The development process at the VAPHS began August 1999.
Institutional Review: The protocol was approved by the VAPHS Institutional Review Board (02778).
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, ANOVA = analysis of variance, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, MTS = material testing system, ODOF = one-degree-of-freedom, PSD = power spectral density, SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers, TDOF = two-degree-of-freedom, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAPHS = VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, VDV = vibration dose value, WBV = whole-body vibration, WC = wheelchair, WRC = WC road course.
VAPHS, part of the VA Stars & Stripes Healthcare Network, will use the Virtual DB[R] Information Porta Reporting System to provide live access to VISTA (Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture), an M (MUMPS) based hospital information system.
Cooper, PhD; VAPHS, Human Engineering Research Laboratories, 7180 Highland Dr, Bldg 4, 2nd Floor, 151R1-HD, Pittsburgh, PA 15206; 412-954-5287; fax: 412-954-5340.