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VAPPVisual and Auditory Presentation Package (computer based psychological experiments)
VAPPVolunteers for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
VAPPVirginia Alliance for Potbellied Pigs
VAPPVentilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention
VAPPVaccine-associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis (neurological damage)
VAPPVector and Parallel Processing (conference)
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Under the WHO definition of polio eradication, VAPP was accepted as - figuratively, collateral damage.
In making this determination, both the reduction of VAPP risk achievable through IPV and the relative effectiveness of the two vaccine designs in preventing polio should be considered.
As an organization, we recognize that our mission is to move toward an all-IPV schedule so that we can completely remove any risk of VAPP.
Limitless set of qualified vApps - Any application that can run in a virtual machine is a candidate for automated application delivery by Virtual Edge;
Using the vCloud Director API, Veeam will display the vCloud Director infrastructure directly in Veeam Backup & Replication[TM], backup all vApp metadata and attributes, restore vApps and VMs directly to vCloud Director, and support restore of fast-provisioned VMs.
Allows IT to upload vApps into a catalog which can be used at a later date, without involving the cloud service provider
For example, the CSB can enforce a rule such as "a user with this role can start a vApp but not stop or terminate it", or "vApps can only be created during business hours" or "this organization's budget is limited to 20 vApps running at any given time, across all service providers".
This environment can be used for testing and/or training, utilizing vApps and the vCloud API, and as proof of concept for implementing vCD with a vSphere Enterprise Plus environment.
Radware's joint solution with VMware, an enhanced version of its Radware's vDirect™ plug-in, interoperates with VMware vSphere to enable services provisioning with VMware vCloud Director, allowing VMware vApps users to provision both application resources and a fully configured Radware virtual application delivery controller (vADC).
Dynamic Service Provisioning via the Cloud for the Delivery of vApps
These vApps enable intelligent and coordinated migration from test to production.