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The VAPR 3 Radiofrequency (RF) System and the LoPro LDS Electrode offer rapid, safe and efficient tissue cutting, ablation and hemostasis during arthroscopic surgery.
DePuy Mitek has raised the standard for RF tissue removal with the introduction of their VAPR 3 system and the LDS electrodes.
In 2003, DePuy Mitek launched the VAPR 3 System, the next generation in the VAPR RF Family.
The VAPR 3 RF System can be used to: simultaneously remove soft tissue and control bleeding; precisely cut and contour soft tissue such as ligament and meniscus; and thermally modify soft tissue.
The VAPR 3 RF System is contraindicated in any non-arthroscopic surgical procedure and in patients with heart pacemakers or other electronic device implants, or for patients for whom arthroscopic procedures are contraindicated for any reason.
The VAPR 3 System is the next generation in the VAPR RF Family, the first arthroscopic soft-tissue system to combine the power and speed of high-frequency bipolar radiofrequency energy with the precision, safety and flexibility of microprocessor-controlled technology.
The VAPR 3 System has raised the bar on efficiency and safety for tissue removal in an arthroscopic setting," says Dr.
The VAPR 3 RF System is the only radiofrequency system with a fault safety feature that shuts the system down when electrodes come into contact with metal, providing added safety for patients and healthcare professionals, and minimizing potential damage to equipment.
Surgeons who evaluated the VAPR 3 RF System during our design and validation phases unanimously concluded that it is significantly better than the system they currently use," says Rodrigo Bianchi, Worldwide President, Mitek.
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